I’m having trouble making a choice. What is the best video, or seminar, to get started with?


When it comes to the VibraCussor instrument, The 3 Easy Step Series – by Dr. Jeff Rockwell - is the DVD package most practitioners start with. Once you have a basic working knowledge, you are set to take advantage of specialized courses that are available for the VibraCussor.


When it comes to the ArthroStim instrument, the best starting choice depends on your preferred style of practice and specific area of interest. Some ArthroStim techniques utilize a low force approach and others prefer a more vigorous style.


You can get a good sense of an instructor’s style by viewing their video clips. When you find a clip you like, you can be confident the DVD will cover a wide range of information in a similar manner and, generally speaking, in much greater detail than what is revealed in the clips.


If you would like assistance with educational DVDs & live seminar choices, you can talk to the knowledgeable staff at IMPAC Inc. They can answer specific questions you may have and offer recommendations.



What is the refund policy for educational training materials?


The refund policy for DVD seminars is similar to many ‘live’ seminars. If a DVD seminar package is returned unopened within 30 days, it will be treated as a credited ‘no-show’ and a full refund - minus shipping expenses - will be provided. Once a DVD seminar package has been opened, or more than 30-days have elapsed, a purchase is considered complete and refunds are no longer due.


NOTE: Given the comparatively low cost for the specialized knowledge contained in the DVD courses, a practitioner’s greatest risk of ‘losing out’ comes from not taking advantage of the opportunity to quickly acquire insights and skill-sets that usually take years to attain. Even if a DVD course provides just 1 or 2 useful new ideas, it pays for itself many times over in practice.


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