Dr. Rockwell

Dr. Jeff Rockwell began his life-long somatic education journey studying Rolf structural integration. After graduating from Life Chiropractic College he went on to specialize in soft tissue dysfunction in private practice.


In 1992, Dr. Rockwell became a professor at Parker University and passionately shared his knowledge and insights with students over the following decade. As a popular instructor, he traveled and taught approximately 40 seminars a year during that period.


In 1997 Jeff experienced severe hip pain for many months that no practitioner was able to help with. A student offered to work on him with the VibraCussor instrument and, in one 15 minute session, he became pain free - and remains so to this day. He was so startled, and grateful, for the results that he immediately obtained a VibraCussor and began integrating in his practice. Since that time, Dr. Rockwell has developed seminars and created DVDs showing others how to use the VibraCussor instrument.


Over the years, Dr. Rockwell has been fortunate to study with some truly amazing masters: Janet Travell, Raymond Nimmo, Henri Gillett, Vladimir Janda, Karel Lewit, Thomas Hanna, among others.  He now practices in Los Gatos, California and teaches neuromuscular therapy/trigger point therapy at the National Holistic Institute in San Jose. Additionally, he writes a column for “The Chiropractic Journal" and serves on the research committee for the Hanna Somatic Institute in Novato.  Dr. Rockwell can be contacted via:


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2019 schedule

We are now CEU providers for massage therapists.

DNM for Upper Extremity

Sat/Sun Nov 2&3rd 9-6pm

20 slots available in San Jose CA




We have a new location the workshops will be held at Sausalito Healing Arts Services

85 Liberty Ship Way, Suite 103, Sausalito CA 94965


Parts of the interview from Dr. Koch Book "Conversation with Chiropractic Technique Masters" For the full interview and to purchase the book: techniqueinstitute.net/dr.-bill-koch.html


Dr. KOCH: ... In 2003, when I first started using the VibraCussor® I have to admit I did so rather tentatively. While I was convinced the ArthroStim® had value as an adjusting instrument, I was uncertain that the VibraCussor® had much more than "feel Good" value. New to this kind of energy medicine, and wanting to understand more...

I was impressed. It was a great introduction to the healing potential of the VibraCussor® instrument in skilled hands, and provided me with a lot of useful technique instruction...I used thew VibraCussor® and I now cannot imagine practicing without it...Then several months ago, I ordered Dr. Rockwell's instructional DVD series, the VibraCussor Collection. As my wife and I were watching the first one together, Kiana commented, "What a great teaching style!" I agreed.


Dr. KOCH: ...he explained that the most effective way of initiating positive and long lasting neuroplastic changes in the brain is through stimulation of the fascia, with light tangential strokes with the VibraCussor® using the Therapy EdgeTM attachment`.


Dr. Rockwell: The way it works is that the Ruffinin corpuscles are slow to respond, but continue to buzz and stimulate the brain for about 20 minutes, as opposed to the Pacinian corpuscles, that only fire for 20 seconds. It is naturally easier to piggyback on 20 minutes than 20 seconds of brain imprinting.


Koch: What are you saying is that the mechanoceptors do not like strong compressive forces, but are most responsive to tangential forces. Would that be, as you show in your DVDs, when you use the Therapy EdgeTM attachement on a VibraCussor®?


Dr. Rockwell: That is exactly what I am doing. That's why ED Miller, at IMPAC Inc. designed that attachment.

Dr. Koch: I have a Therapy EdgeTM, but when I first got it, I was not crazy about it. That is because I didn't understand how to use it. I started getting used to it only after watching how you use it. Now that I understand the neurophysiology behind it, I have to keep reminding my self to go lightly. It just requires a little retraining for an old, full contact chiropractor like me.

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The Therapy Edge Set

 (2 DVDs)

IMPAC is pleased to announce a 2 DVD series by Dr. Jeff Rockwell

demonstrating quick and effective techniques using the Therapy Edge™.


Click here to buy and stream these videos on our sister site

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Introduction to the VibraCussor®

Dr.  Rockwell presents a basic introduction to using the VibraCussor instrument. This 32 minute DVD accompanies new VibraCussor purchases.


$40.00 for single DVD

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3 Easy Steps Series   (5 DVDs)

Dr.  Rockwell demonstrates how to go about resolving common musculo-skeletal complaints with the the VibraCussor instrument. This series is considered to be the 'foundational' set of DVDs for the VibraCussor.


The 5 DVD set - 2 1/2 hrs - includes: Shoulder; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; T.M.J.D.; Knee & Ankle; Hip & Pelvis. Each DVD is approximately 1/2 hour long.


$150.00 for the full  5 DVD Set (save $50.00)

$40.00 for single DVD


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Joint Mobilization   (3 DVDs)

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Dr. Rockwell demonstrates how to locate and correct neurobiomechanical dysfunction in the spine and extremeties - with the assistance of the VibraCussor instrument.  He introduces the concept of the 'loca/global subluxation' & shows how to treat common compensatory  patterns that accompany spinal dysfunction.


This 3 DVD set -1 hr & 22 minutes - includes Joint Mobilization of the:

Spine (27 min); Upper Extremeties (25 min); Lower Extremeties (32 min).


$99.00 for the full 3 DVD Set  (save $21.00)

$40.00 for single DVD


Instrument Assisted Trigger Point Therapy  (2 DVDs & booklet)

Dr. Rockwell demonstrates how to locate and treat the most common source of chronic pain: myofascial trigger points.


This 2 DVD set -1 hr & 52 minutes - includes "Instrument Assisted Trigger Point Therapy of the: Upper Body (56 min); Lower Body (56 min).


The Upper Body DVD contains 34 chapters and the Lower Body DVD contains 30 chapters. The multiple chapter design permits fast, easy reference to specific muscles. Each DVD is accompanied by a booklet containing notes and insights about working with specific areas of the body.


$110.00 for the full 2 DVD Set & Booklet  (save $20.00)

$65.00 for single DVD & Booklet


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Instrument Assisted  Scar Tissue Release (DVD & booklet)

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The Scar Tissue Release DVD was created in response to many practitioners request for Dr. Rockwell to teach his unique, and highly effective, method of treating surgical scars (and other types of scar tissue). He developed the DVD to help practitioners treat what often turns out to be significant activating, and perpetuating, factors to neurobiomechanical dysfunctions that practitioners commonly address in their offices.


This DVD - 46 minutes - contains 20 chapters to enable convenient access to reference material and it is accompanied by a 31 page booklet.


$65.00 for DVD & Booklet


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An Instrument-Assisted Approach to Soft Tissue Injury and Pain

Dr. Robert Fulford, an American osteopath, created the percussion vibration technique. Due to the body-wide continuity of the fascia, and its semi-conductor capacity, Dr. Fulford felt the best way to globally release stress from the nervous system is to work on the fascia that surrounds it. Dr. Fulford’s work aimed to improve the respiratory system, CSF and muscles and joints, as well as enhance the vital force. Far ahead of his time, Dr. Fulford recognized the significance of localized ‘currents of injury’, which have long been observed by biologist.


Dr. Jeff Rockwell’s 2 hour DVD and manual:

An Instrument-Assisted Approach to Soft Tissue Injury and Pain, provide practitioners with step by step instructions outlining assessment and treatment protocols of the Fulford approach. Powerfully subtle techniques such as the use of a ‘listening hand’, and using a VibraCussor® instrument to build up energy in the tissues and release energy blockages, are explored in depth. This is the most readily accessible compilation of Dr. Fulford’s work that has been produced to date.



Dr. Rockwell presents a concise overview of Dr. Robert Fulford's work.


$80.00 for the 2+ hour DVD & 52 page Manual

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An Energetic Approach to Chiropractic Bodywork and osteopathy

Dr. Rockwell integrates methods from pioneering somatic practitioners: Ida Rolf: Dr. Nimmo; Dr Gillet; Dr. Fulford - with the VibraCussor.


The 192 page manual is profusely populated with photographs to thoroughly illustrate protocols.


$85.00 for the Health That is Never Lost Manual

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