Dr. John Lieurance


Dr. Lieurance developed the functional Cranial-Release/ fCR Technique after experiencing  dramatic results in his health from cranial release sessions. Functional Cranial Release combines neurocranial restructuring, oxygenation of the brain, and functional neurology.


FCR utilizes a series of functional neurology testing procedures to determine the pathways and brain centers that are either firing too much, or firing too little. A series of specific cranial releases are then performed through endonasal balloon inflations. The purpose is to help restore the brain's ability to oxygenate itself by improving air flow into higher areas through the nasal passages and also by improving the normal pumping action inherent in the cranial rhythm, which moves nutrients that bathe the central nervous system and help maintain it's health.  The ArthroStim® and VibraCussor® assist with these procedures.


For more information about functional Cranial-Release, & instrument assisted correction, visit: www.functionalcranialrelease.com

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