Dr. Bryan Hawley

Dr. Bryan Hawley is a successful clinician, businessman and sought after speaker.  He is the owner and director of the MAGNA Chiropractic clinics in southern Kentucky.  He is also a national advisor to several decompression table manufactures and state boards and regularly travels the country, lecturing on decompression therapy to the public as well as medical groups.  He has been treating patients with various forms of decompression therapy for well over 15 years and has logged over 7500 individual decompression visits. He currently oversees all the disc decompression cases for MAGNA Chiropractic. Dr Hawley owns and operates two successful clinics in the state of KY. He is also adjunct faculty at various Universities and offers his clinics as teaching facilities to select externs in Physical Education and Chiropractic Medicine.  He currently counsels several clinical offices around the country on business management and difficult patient cases.


 Dr Hawley has also been involved with health and fitness for several years with a diverse background in health care. Ranging from nursing, physical therapy, and emergency medicine to Chiropractic care.

 even owning a health club at one time. He has trained several martial artists and MMA fighters as well as tri-athletes. He has been involved all aspects of fitness ranging from training elite athletes to helping patients regain their lifestyle after surgery.



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