Dr. George Gonzalez


Dr. Gonzalez is the founder of QUANTUM NEUROLOGY® Nervous System Rehabilitation. He was motivated to research and develop unique rehabilitation techniques after his wife suffered a moderate spinal cord injury.

The foundational concepts of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation are taught to doctors, step by step, through the different methods of Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation. The seminars and instructional DVDs are available exclusively to licensed practitioners who are certified to diagnose.


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 Dr. Gonzalez Interview

Quantum Neurology® ArthroStim® DVD Essentials

In this 6-disc DVD Series, you will learn advanced biomechanical corrections to help  rehabilitate your patient’s range of motion with strength and function. Using the ArthroStim® extends your career because it is easy on your patient and easy on your body! This material is part of what makes Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation so powerful.


The complete package includes: Cervical & Thoracic (37 min); Low Back & Hip (57 min); Frozen Shoulder (47 min); Elbow & Wrist (46 min); Knee & Ankle (30 min); Foot (30 min).  Only the Frozen Shoulder technique is taught in the Module 1 Seminar. Therefore the only way to learn this work is on DVDs!


$120.00 for a single DVD

$660.00 for the complete set of 6 DVDs   (save $60.00)



Do Not Copy or Distribute Copyright Protected

Do Not Copy or Distribute Copyright Protected

Cervical & Thoracic

Extension is life! A healthy person lives their life in extension - Head up, shoulders back. When a patient presents with a flexed posture they are moving toward neurological problems. This DVD will demonstrate how to bring your patients back into extension. Simply follow Dr. Gonzalez step by step suggestions and see immediate changes. It's fast and effective and patients LOVE how this makes them feel.


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Frozen Shoulder

Do you know how to free up a frozen shoulder in 30 seconds? An elderly patient with a frozen shoulder can be a doctor's worst nightmare. Dr. Gonzalez shows you a safe and effective method of rehabilitating a frozen shoulder using the GRT LITE and the ArthroStim. This is a must have skill for any doctor that wants a reputation for delivering results.


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Do Not Copy or Distribute Copyright Protected

Do Not Copy or Distribute Copyright Protected

Elbow and Wrist

Ease the pain caused by injury and repetitive motion with Quantum Neurology and the ArthroStim. Learn how to quickly evaluate and correct the biomechanics of the wrist and elbow. Dr. Gonzalez demonstrates how to regain functional strength through range of motion.


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Congestion due to toxins and inflammation are the primary reason that people fall into illness and dysfunction. Congestion in the body is evident in various conditions that cause pain, swelling and dysfunction in the eyes, sinuses ears throat, axilla, joints, abdomen, groin and arms, hands, legs and feet. Dr. Gonzalez presents a direct strategy for physically the toxins and inflammation through the body's detoxification channels. The Flush will teach you how to decongest the lymphatics and muscular systems. The goal of this stimulation is to improve healing time and alleviate discomfort due to swelling, inflammation and lactic acid accumulation in the muscles and body. This detoxification strategy is demonstrated primarily with the VibraCussor by IMPAC Inc. and followed by GRT LITE therapy.


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Do Not Copy or Distribute Copyright Protected

Do Not Copy or Distribute Copyright Protected

Advanced Hip

Regardless of your patients age or physical ability, a hip injury can devastate their health and quality of life. Considering the diversity of hip movement Dr. Gonzalez expands on the hip correction presented in the "lumbar & Hip" DVD. This title focuses on the evaluation of the hip inside laying, seated and standing positions. Each position reveals dysfunction associated to the physical stress related to the body's position against gravity and added physical resistance. This sequence of hip evaluations and corrections is a great tool that will stabilize the hip, activate a higher level of femur acetabulum movement and control.


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Knee & Ankle

The Tibia and Fibula create the platform for the knee. They also create the tarsal tunnel. Therefore the knee and ankle need to be corrected simultaneously. Learn the dynamics of knee and ankle injury, movement and corrections. Dr. Gonzalez will demonstrate how to evaluate the Biomechanics of knee and ankle injuries and how to restore function Through range of motion.


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Lumber and Hip

Instability is usually the cause of Low Back and Hip pain. Dr. Gonzalez demonstrates how to quickly evaluate and stabilize the pelvic girdle using his unique testing and correction of functional movement. The key to recovery is creating stability through the patient's range of motion. Dr. Gonzalez demonstrates the patient positioning, testing and corrective protocols to see results fast.


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Happy feet make happy people. The feet are the foundation of our entire musculoskeletal system. If they are not functioning properly, it creates a chain reaction of dysfunction throughout the body. Foot corrections are fast and create immediate results. Your patients with hammer toes will be amazed when their toes uncurl as their feet become functional again. Dr. Gonzalez teaches this quick evaluation and correction that delivers results.


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Seminar Schedule

Seminars may be filled and closed.  Practitioners should confirm

seminar status with instructors before making arrangements.



All events postponed due to COVID-19


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All events are held at the Doubletree by Hilton Los Angeles - Westside in beautiful Culver City, California. Find hotel information here. Email info@quantumneurology.com or call 323-653-2818 with any questions or to register, and we hope to see you at an upcoming event soon!

FLUSH: Lymphatic Therapy DVD

Dr. Gonzalez demonstrates how the GRT light can be used in combination with the VibraCussor instrument to help the body improve its own healing abilities on this


$120.00 for the 1 hour and 24 minute FLUSH: Lymphatic Therapy DVD

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Koch: How do you make your corrections?

Gonzalez: Corrections are mainly done with an ArthroStim instrument. I teach manual techniques as well, but the ArthroStim gives us a tremendous advantage because with it we can reset the proprioceptors as well make osseous and soft tissue adjustments with greater precision and consistency than we could possibly do manually.


KOCH: In preparation for our conversation, I spent quite a bit of time looking at your website and I must say that I found it fascinating. It seems to me that knowledge of Quantum Neurology could add a whole new level of expertise to any DC's repertoire, regardless of technique or type of practice.


KOCH: Do you use traditional neurological testing in your protocols?


GONZALEZ: Yes, traditional testing is important, and what I have learned through my research provides us with new ways of evaluation the entire nervous system. We evaluate how a stimulus can affect sensory, motor, visceral, autonomic and cranial nerve functions. I refer to this as NeuroExpression™.



KOCH: NeuroExpression™ is a perfect description of that process. You are looking at the way stimulus effects the global as well as the segmental nervous system. It would seem that you are tapping into the holographic way in which the brain and body record and react to stimulation and information. That is indeed unique and makes a lot of sense.


GONZALEZ: That's right, Bill, I have discovered a way of uncovering hidden neurological weaknesses. The concept actually applies to all nerves. It allows us to develop a strategic analysis of where the nervous system is weak or failing.

Quantum NeurologyTM is a system of muscle testing and corrections. I've found that a single neurological correction can make a big difference in quality of life. Let me give you a good example: Dr. Chad Wells, D.C. used Quantum NeurologyTM on a young woman with an injury she sustained as a cheerleader. Her left foot was completely paralyzed with the exception to her big toe. A single 3 minute session using Quantum NeurologyTM testing and correction restored full function of her foot immediately. I know of nothing else that could have made that correction...much less, do it so quickly.

I designed this program so that you can get started today with DVD training. Although nothing replaces hands on experience,
the DVD training contains approximately 50% of what is taught at the Module 1 – Motor Rehabilitation Seminar. If you want
to see Miracles Monday Morning™, I recommend that you get started with the DVD and GRT LITE Package. It has everything you need to start seeing immediate Neurological changes as soon as you duplicate the techniques. I am confident that this work will help you and your patients. When you start seeing the miracles happen for yourself, you may want to consider submitting research and becoming a Quantum Neurologist™.


Prerequisite: Must be a Licensed Medical Professional that is certified to Diagnose and Treat (e.g., MD, DC, LAc, DO, ND, NP)
to purchase DVDs and attend Seminars.


  go to: www.QuantumNeurology.com and sign up today!


Module 1 – Motor Rehabilitation (+ Muscle Lengthening):


Learn how to use the patient’s Nervous System to guide their healing. Experience the benefits of Quantum Neurology® Neurological Rehabilitation first hand on your own body. Many miracles happen at the seminar.  Become a part of the
movement that is healing the world.


Module 2 – Sensory Rehabilitation (+ Holographic Rehabilitation Technique):


Eighty percent of the Nervous System is Sensory. I will teach you how to access this part of the Nervous System and how to rehabilitate neurological damage caused by Sensory loss. You will also learn advanced Motor, Cranial Nerve and G-POI™ concepts.


Module 3 – Visceral Rehabilitation (+ Advanced Healing):


To access the most advanced application of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation you will need to attend this  seminar. You will learn how to incorporate all the Motor, Sensory and Visceral Rehabilitation concepts that you have learned into one correction. This can provide your patients with profound corrections that can be life changing.

















I want to get Miracles Monday Morning™


Quantum Neurology® Neuro Rehab Essentials

The Doctors that begin with home training before attending a seminar get the best results. This package gives you everything you need to get started in Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation. The Motor Recovery I and Cranial Nerve DVD’s give you the Know How and the GRT LITE gives you the power to make Neurological changes in seconds. This is an affordable introduction into the technique that can bring you miracles the monday morning after the seminar. Miracles Monday Morning™!


Package Bonus: as a bonus we include the Healing Form DVD – watch as I demonstrate the proper body and hand positioning
of Quantum Neurology®. This sequence of movements will train the doctor how to practice proper body and hand position
and to use their body weight and leverage to perform a proper neurological test.



Office Hours: Mon – Thurs /10am – 6pm PST                         Phone: (323) 653-2818         Fax:  (866) 642-8208


go to: www.QuantumNeurology.com and sign up for the newsletter and get a Free DVD today!

Quantum Neurology has gone through some big changes this last year and we want to keep you up to date. These changes will really benefit our doctors, so read on for the details below.

Available Now - Online and Live Training


We've moved much of our training online to make it easier than ever for doctors to access our training and help more patients across the globe. But, live training is still a crucial part of the process! We need live training for our kinesthetic learners, and it’s also so important for practitioners to get worked on themselves! Because if we’re not in our best health, it’s hard to help others to the best of our ability.

Live Workshops With Optional Testing


We’ve reformulated our Module 1, 2, & 3 Live Events so that attending doctors will already have learned the techniques of Quantum Neurology through online training or prior events, so that our live events going forward will be full of doctors ready to get hands-on! Our live events will mainly consist of workshops, with a period of review and plenty of time for Q’s & A’s from Dr. Gonzalez himself as well as top level Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioners (QNCPs) in attendance.

We will also require that doctors now be tested in order to be Certified, to be sure that QN Practitioners are well versed in the language and techniques of Quantum Neurology. Testing is optional at the end of each Workshop day, and will only be necessary to receive your Quantum Neurology Certification.

We’ve structured the events so that all three Module Workshops are on consecutive days, making your process to certification easier in only 2 trips to Los Angeles.

You're Qualified


We know that each of you are in different spots of QN training. Some of you are certified QNCPs, while others of you have the DVD training. We just want to update all of you on these new changes that we feel will benefit you and simplify the process of learning Quantum Neurology Nervous System Rehabilitation. If you have any questions about these changes or where you are in the process, feel free to call our office at 323-653-2818 or email info@quantumneurology.com

We hope to see you at a Workshop weekend or Homecoming event soon. Thank you for your continued support and for joining us in this healing mission.



With love, kindness, gratitude, and healing,

Dr. George Gonzalez and the QN Team

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