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October 3


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This program is designed to enhance the doctor’s skill set and confidence in providing a comprehensive treatment protocol. Adjustments are administered in various positions: standing, sitting, supine prone, or in motion. Improved posture and walking as this comprehensive reprogramming of the body’s structural architecture is clearly communicated to the cerebellum via the Alpha I, II, and III neuro-fibers.


This program is designed for those patients who have had surgical procedures as well as those considering it. Including conditions that have festered over the years with chronic pain and organ malfunction, albeit, fatigue, constipation, digestive and emotional factors that they have adapted and adjusted their lives to.


A full body ArthroStim VibraCussor and osseous adjustment will provide strength and vitality to the patient that will enhance their healing process. Structural organ system enhancement for the general well-being of your patient providing a higher quality of healing for the tissues and joints as well as organ flow.


Unique adjusting capabilities that specifically correct TMJ, Shoulder, Hips and correcting foot biomechanics comfortably for the patient; will help correct cervical and lumbar conditions.


                                               Yours in the best of health,

                                                 Dr. Alan Creed

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Parts of the interview from Dr. Koch Book "Conversation with Chiropractic Technique Masters" For the full interview and to purchase the book: techniqueinstitute.net/dr.-bill-koch.html


Dr. CREED: Structural enhancements help to re-orient the facet plane angles. Postural re-alignment reduces the gravitational pull on muscles, allowing increased range of motion throughout the musculo-skeletal system. The procedure I use to re-align the structure also corrects subluxations.


To achieve a more complete correction, adjustments are administered with the patient in various positions: standing, sitting, supine, or prone. Adjustments are also made while putting the patient through various range of motion exercises.  This type of dynamic adjusting technique is made possible through the use of the ArthroStim® and VibraCussor® adjusting instruments by Impac, Inc.  I also use S.O.T Blocks and a drop piece table. Using these instruments with the Creed Neural Kinetic Integration Technique allows me to achieve better, faster, more consistent results than ever before.




Dr. KOCH: What are the features of these instruments that help you achieve your superior outcomes?


Dr. CREED: The Impac, Inc. percussor and adjusting instruments are very versatile; each has a wide variety of available heads or adjusting tips to allow the Doctor to make effective and comfortable contact with any area being treated. Very importantly, the strength and depth of force they generate is totally in the Doctor’s control.


Dr. KOCH: I like them for the same reason.  I would add that the patients love being adjusted with them because they allow for such gentle, low impact adjustments.  The thing I like about your work and what makes it unique is that it allows us to make multi dimensional functional adjustments that correct the whole body balance, not just the spine. The beauty of this is that the results are often immediate and demonstrable through postural changes that are visible and often dramatic.  Equally dramatic are the improvements in pre and post muscle tests that show the patient that something very positive happened.




Dr. Coch: The thing that first attracted me to Dr. Creed's work was his extensive use of the ArthroStim® and VibraCussor® electronic instruments, which Dr. Creed assured me if used with his Neural Kinetic Integration Technique would be very easy on my body.




Dr. Coch: ... It changed my practice and my life for the better. I can honestly say I cannot imagine my current practice without the ArthroStim® and VibraCussor® and Dr. Creed's Neural Kinetic Integration Technique.




Dr. Creed: ...I can even adjust patients while they stand. All I need is the ArthroStim® and VibraCussor® and a place to plug them in - which at times has been a portable generator or a power inverter attached to a 12 volt boat or car battery.

Dr. Creed was involved in a serious automobile accident when he was 21. He subsequently spent 2 ½ years in and out of hospitals and was forced to wear a full body brace, special support shoes and use a cane to walk.


He remained disabled for 8 years, and then an army buddy intervened. His friend was frustrated by the sight of Alan’s ongoing pain and disability so he drove him to a chiropractor’s office instead of taking him to the hospital again. Medical doctors had warned Dr. Creed that the accident left him vulnerable and any chiropractic treatment could paralyze him for life. Despite his objections, his friend carried him inside and two hours later Dr. Creed walked out carrying his full body brace and cane.


Chiropractic care, and other alternative health treatments, subsequently enabled him to run several marathons in Hawaii. In 1989, Dr. Creed rode his bicycle in the Soviet Union on a US-USSR Friendship Bicycle ride. He then continued on his own, bicycling 18,500 kilometers through Europe & the Middle East. Having personally experienced a Chiropractic miracle, it is not surprising he became a doctor of Chiropractic with a special interest in improving posture and motor dysfunctions.


After 32 years in private practice, Dr. Creed remains dedicated to sharing the gift of renewed life that  he had experienced  through a chiropractic miracle. He also lectures and presents seminars several times a year - where he openly shares his knowledge and experience with other practitioners. Outside of his professional endeavors you will most likely find Dr. Creed pursuing his 2nd passion of sailing.

Neuro Kinetic Integration Technique - Neuro Spinal Biomechanics for Instrument Adjusting

This Manual is designed for enhanced functional capacity.


The adjusting processes described are designed to enhance functional capacity: Working with what a patient’s architectural and neurological deficiencies are, as they pertain to the disposition and conditions of the discs, vertebrae, and nerves.


Addressing muscular and neurological orientation provides the body for better motion and movement with less pain and discomfort.


Structure dictates function, and function is the predicate structure. As in the key has to fit the lock.


There is a myriad of functional and dysfunctional configurations that the spine, sacrum, and ilia adapt to, due to internal and external environmental factors.


The spine is a single unit, with functional moving parts that have a specific order. When that order is interrupted, mechanical, structural, physiological and neurological components will be affected. Symptoms of dysfunction are the products of these events.


Using our assessment and adjusting abilities, we are supporting the body to reconfigure itself into a more adaptive structural and functional system.


$175.00 for the Manual and DVD


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- Creed Neuro Kinetic Integration Technique Intro.

- Patient History

- X-Ray Overview

- Muscle testing & turning the system on

- Physiotherapy & adjustment on a Flexion Distraction Table

- Adjusting with Trigenics Multiprobe

- Improving the cervical range of motion

- Adjustment on Flexion Distraction while rotating the body

- Summary


$220 for the Unlocking Scoliosis DVD


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Unlocking Scoliosis: Fusion - Fixation - Subluxation

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Boost Your Practice Package   (6 DVDs & Manual)

The Creed Neural-Kinetic Integration Technique covers a broad spectrum of applications including: correcting spinal subluxations; posture modification; regulation of organ function; extremity adjusting; 'resetting' soft tissues and balancing energy systems.


This comprehensive package was produced from a 2-day workshop.

The 6 DVDs contain more than 13 hours of seminar information accompanied by a 136 page illustrated manual.


$295.00 for The Boost Your Practice Package


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Priceless Shortcuts DVD

The Priceless Shortcuts DVD is an abridged form of the 'Boost Your Practice' package (above).


This  DVD - 1 hr & 24 minutes - is  for individuals who want to conveniently review main points of the 13+ hour package. Priceless Shortcuts performs well both as a stand-alone product and a companion product.


$175.00 for the Priceless Shortcuts DVD

$199.00 for Priceless Shortcuts DVD & Priceless Bonus DVD Combo

                                                                                               (save $94.00)

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Priceless Bonus DVD

The Bonus Shortcuts DVD is a compilation of highly effective procedures developed by Dr. Creed subsequent to the Boost Your Practice package.


The DVD is 49 minutes and one of the VibraCussor procedures , by itself, makes this a worthwhile addition to a practitioner's library.


$120.00 for the Priceless Bonus DVD

$199.00 for Priceless Shortcuts DVD & Priceless Bonus DVD Combo

                                                                                               (save $94.00)

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Text Neck DVD

'Text Neck' a.k.a. forward head carriage is becoming epidemic. At one time this condition primarily affected older individuals but, in today's world, it is appearing in children at younger and younger ages. '


The 39 minute Text Neck DVD demonstrates a powerful combination of instrument assisted procedures designed to address forward head carriage.


$82.00 for the Text Neck DVD

$199.00 for Text Neck DVD & Dystonia DVD Combo (save $52.00)


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Dystonia DVD

'Dystonia' presents instrument assisted protocols designed to address chronic hypertonicity.


A real-life case study is used to demonstrate the procedures and concepts presented on this 54 minute DVD.


$120.00 for the Dystonia DVD

$199.00 for Text Neck DVD & Dystonia DVD Combo (save $52.00)


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101 Uses of the Rib Adapter: Disc 1 & 2

The 'rib- adaptor'  a.k.a. 'T- bar' , is one of the most popular - and versatile -  instrument attachments for the ArthroStim instrument.  Even practitioners who own the T-bar are often unaware of just how valuable it can be. Consequently, they (and their clients) frequently miss-out out on some of the most significant benefits this adapter can provide.


$41.00 Disc 1 (20 min) 101 Uses of the Rib Adapter

$82.00 Disc 2 (40 min) 101 Uses of the Rib Adapter

$97.00 Disc 1 & Disc 2 Combo (save $26.00


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Organ Adjusting Via The Meric System

In this system, certain joints of the spine are neurologically related to certain organs, visceral areas, and body structures. Therefore, treating a given condition involves treating the corresponding area of the spine.


1Hr. 40 Min. DVD $175.00

Save on a set of 2 DVDs $225.00


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- Introduction by Alan Creed, D.C.

- Using the ArthroStim®

- Using the VibraCussor®

- Therapy Mobilization

- Flushing the Muscle

- Importance of Frequencies

- Direction of Digital Pressure

- Foot Reflexology

- Hand Reflexology

- Bibliography

Lovett Brother Relationship Chart

This  11" x 17" chart attractively displays functional relationships between paired vertebra in the upper and lower spine that move synchronistically to maintain balanced vertical posture.


$30.00 for the Lovett Brother Relationship Chart

Are You De-Evolving? Posters

Posters Designed By Dr. Russel A. Smith, D.C., QN
Website and orders maintained by: Dr. Eric Morris, D.C.

Posters 18 x 24 Inches

As seen and described on www.postureposter.com


$39.95 The De-Evolving Posture Poster

$39.95 Check Your Spine For These Signs of Wear & Tear

Completely Redesigned and Corrected


Hand-outs 8.5 x 11 PDF Files

Unlimited Copies can be printed by the owner


$49.95 The De-Evolving Posture Poster

$49.95 Check Your Spine For These Signs of Wear & Tear


To Order: www.PosturePoster.com


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