Dr. Andre Camelli


Dr.  Camelli Is the founder of the Quantum Integration Technique. This dynamic system uses a combination of body biofeedback mechanisms including muscle response testing, leg length analysis –and enhanced practitioner responses – to develop better insights and solutions for physical, chemical and emotional stresses.


Dr. Camelli has spoken internationally at several seminars, including research symposiums for health care providers, in which he presented new research on stress hormones and how to balance them efficiently.

Dr. Camellli also owns and operates a private practice in Cortland, Ohio





 Dr. Camelli Interview

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Quantum Integration™

2nd Annual Symposium

Saturday July 21st, 2018 in Cortland, OH


Are you ready to take your practice to the next level and handle even the toughest cases with ease and confidence?


Do you feel there is a more powerful approach to help your patients get better faster and STAY WELL?



FACT: Suboptimal health is caused from the bodies inability to adapt to overwhelming physical, chemical, environmental and emotional stressors.


FACT: Quantum Integration will teach you how to effectively clear out the underlying causes simultaneously improving nerve system adaptability.


Skill Sets Learned:


• Highly specific full body scan that will get you to the major source of interference & its causes within seconds.


• You will learn how to gently and rapidly correct interference patterns and their physical, environmental, food, drug, immunological, neuroendocrine, mental, emotional, electromagnetic and bioenergetic causes.


• The seminar includes manuals, training videos, narrated PowerPoints, MP3’s, Testing Menus, Flow Charts, Quick Fix Reference Guides, and many powerful patient education tools.

To Register

please call Mindy at 330-609-0355



$300 Doctors



Life Quest Wellness Center

1980 Niles-Cortland Rd NE

Cortland Ohio 44410

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Saturday July 21st, 2018

We will be starting at 9:30-5:30 Lunch included

Hope to see you there!

Dr. Camelli and the QI Team


Cracking the Code: Unlock Your Genetic Potential


Having helped thousands of patients with my unique approach towards genetics and self-healing, I now have released this new book, which presents a systematic approach and is packed with unique strategies to help you unlock your genetic potential. This book can help you defeat diseases, improve performance and elevate metabolism, among many other things.


My new book features pictures and stories of several patients who recovered within a short time by using my techniques. All of those techniques have also been documented in this book, along with an array of other tips, techniques and recipes to make disease-causing genes dormant.

I think it is important to begin with a story that you may possibly relate with on a number of levels within your practice.

There is a chance that the main character is actually YOU, even though we have never met, but this has nothing to do with being an intuitive…

Rather, I am sharing this information because the LEAD in the story was once ME…

And years later, I am the byproduct of what I plan on sharing with you today, but let’s not jump to the end, and instead
start with the beginning….

When I graduated Chiropractic College in 2000 I was driven to provide the absolute best care in the world…

Where patients felt empowered to make dramatic lifestyle changes, and at the same time, build a business model that could provide financial

freedom for my entire family.

As I opened the doors to my office I had all of the passion in the world to make a MEGA DIFFERENCE, but what I quickly realized is that compromises HAD to be made…

I could either offer the most incredible technique and get “deep” with patients…

OR I could educate and empower my patients on a weekly or monthly basis

OR I could build a business model that would allow me to see a high quantity of patients, but maybe not offer the highest quality of care.

I really did not understand why I could NOT “have it all,” but it just was not working out for me.

Okay, at this point if you feel like I am “telling your story,” then make sure to keep on reading because the story is about to change in a BIG WAY!

I remember one night I went home and I was talking with my wife.

I started to express my frustration in practice because I wanted to help people that no one else seemed to be able to, but usually this came at the cost of running a financially successful practice.

Well, after I was whining for a few hours my beautiful wife said, “Let’s build it…let’s integrate a technique that helps people on the deepest level, while empowering each person in a group environment, and making a ton of money which allows us to help even more people!”

This was music to my ears because the “INTEGRATION” she was referring to is QUANTUM INTEGRATION!

Quantum Integration has 3 Online home study programs:

1. Quantum Integration Technique: These monthly modules will take you through the sequence of technique mastery. The entire basic technique is covered in modules 1-10 and has the latest updates and streamlined approaches. Each monthly module comes with technique demonstration video, technique manual, narrated PowerPoint presentation, and flow charts.

2. Patient Empowerment Series: This is the most comprehensive patient education series to date and will teach your patients how to get well and more importantly STAY well. Each month comes with turnkey PowerPoint presentation, live video content to embed on your website, newsletter templates for your office, audio mp3's and much more!

3. Business Mastery: If you are ready to take the step into a true wellness model you will need some help with office systems and communication. The Business Mastery Series will walk you through headspace issues, systems and procedures that will transform your practice into a lifetime wellness approach. Our PVA has been over 100 and we have had a 100% internal referral based practice for over a decade, this system will give you the time tested blueprint for success.

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