Dr. Brian is a graduate of Palmer College, Dr. Brian Jensen was in private practice in Omaha, Nebraska for over 17 years. Dr. Jensen specializes in Structural Biomechanics and emphasizes nutrition and wellness principles. He lives in Roanoke, VA with his wife, Vicki, and daughter, Emily.

Dr. Brian Jensen

I was part of a medical team that included medical doctors, dentists, a pediatrician, OBGYN, ophthalmologist and nurses.  Approximately 20 members on this particular team.  Approximately 600 to 750 local residents attend the mobile clinic which lasts all day Friday and Saturday morning.  The people are screened and sent to the appropriate physician.  As you can imagine, lots of people suffer from back pain.  I saw approximately 150 people in all and I use instrument adjusting primarily, (Arthrostim) as well as some manual adjusting.

Dr Jensen's upcoming Seminars


Brian Jensen, DC | The Changing Brain. Applying the principles of Neuroplasticity to Pain, Posture, Stress and Rehab


12 CEU

CE Provided by Northwestern Health Sciences University


What you’ll learn:


Explore the relationship between the adaptive neurological responses when exposed to environmental and subconscious stimuli and the effect it has on physical, emotional and physiological responses.

A practical clinical approach to the complex challenges we face in this current environment of super stress.

How to evaluate and treat the patient relative to: Adaptive Neurological Responses, Postural Integrity and Functional Movement.

Get hands on experience related to patient assessment, treatment and rehabilitation which can be easily incorporated into practice.


September 14-15 - Davenport IA

November 2-3 - Overland, KS

December 7-8 - Dulles VA


See: https://www.footlevelers.com/seminars for more information


Dr. Jensen will also be at Life Fall CE, Oct 5th, and Cleveland University homecoming Oct 11-13.

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