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Dr. Barlow graduated from Pontotoc High School in 1982. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1982 and received an honorable discharge after serving four years, two years on the USS Midway CV41 and USS Constellation. He graduated in 2000 from Life University in Marietta, GA as a Doctor of Chiropractic, and holds a Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Functional Neurology. He also consults over four hundred doctors nationwide and is a National speaker and instructor for one American Institute of Functional Neurology. Dr. Andy Barlow has been in private practice with Dr. Matt Mackey since 2001. He is married to his lovely wife Faye. And he is an avid racquetball player.


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Dr. Allan Austin-Oolo  on Estonian TV show "Ringvaade". Tallinn Pain Treatment & Chiropractic

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